Over the course of my career
I have had the pleasure of working on hundreds of transactions, for both buyers and sellers alike. One of the greatest joys for me is the satisfaction that comes with closing a transaction and knowing that I got my client the best deal possible.
Below are a few of the reviews and testimonials that I have received lately from my satisfied clients!
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What they are saying ABOUT MIKE.
Mike McDonald has been working on the front lines of the housing market helping customers and clients reach their touch down. We have collected the best testimonials simply because there are too many to put on this one page.

Mary (Hoffer) Snyder, Creative Director at New Wave Entertainment

I cannot recommend Mike and Kathy enough!! They found us EXACTLY what we were looking for, at the price we needed, in the timeframe we needed. My husband and I jokingly credit them with saving our marriage! Thank goodness they came along when they did and found just what our family needed! THANK YOU!

Jim Everett, Managing Member at Jim Everett Company, LLC

Mike McDonald is the ultimate professional. Mike was always the best at his job; very dependable, loyal and filled with eagerness to experience life as God had so blessed him. Mike was never given a golden spoon for he earned and fought for every goal he has obtained in his long and outstanding NFL career. Mike was a leader on our special teams and those leadership skills have naturally translated over into his business as Broker Associate at Remax Elite and as President & CEO at McProperties. I am proud to call Mike a friend today and a friend forever. Mike is a loyal family man who is extremely proud of his children and he is a role model for many. I would highly recommend Mike for anyone looking for expert Real Estate advice and especially in need of a caring agent that truly listens and only recommends properties for his client's best interest. Mike's attention to detail is impeccable and a huge asset for his business. Mike's relationships either at work, in the community or with his family are extensive, intense, engaging and fruitful. Best of all...you can always rely that Mike will have your back at all times.

Glenn and Marianella Loucks

"Mike sold our house and helped us find another to buy. When the financing on our Sale started to fall apart, Mike came through in the 11th hour to find financing for the Buyer and we were able to close Escrow on both homes on time. Thanks Mike, your marketing plan really did the job!"

Brian Wygle, Wygle Investments, L.P.

"Mike, through your hard work and experience with 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges, we have been able to sell 10 Rental properties, our house, and 3 apartment buildings with 14 units, and were able to increase the number of units we now own and double our gross income without any liability. Timing is everything and you were always there to help. Thanks!"

Mike and Michelle Chapman

"Thanks Mike for helping us find the most adorable home for our family. You walked us through the process and explained everything along the way. We will be honored to refer you to anyone looking to sell or buy a home!"

Ray and Rima Schideler

"Mike, thanks for helping is find the home we were looking for. You told us to be ready and you weren't kidding! Within a few days, you called to tell us that you found our home. You negotiated a good price and helped with the financing."

Chris and Stacey Orrill

"Mike, we had been looking for months on our own, but when we described to you what we were looking for, you took us right to a new house you had listed and we fell in love! You were right when you said that after a few years and a child, we could sell that house and buy a bigger house. You sold this house for $20,000 more than what others said it was worth and found us a bigger house in a great neighborhood, and, we closed both on time. If we ever grow out of this house, there is no one else we would call!"

Margaret Perry

"After over 30 years of being in the same house, I was in a new season of life and it was time to sell. Other Realtors said I was crazy for wanting to list my house at the price I suggested. You thought it could be done. Your marketing plan was aggressive. The first Escrow fell apart due to the Buyer, however, you found a better offer with a higher net price to me. At my age, every penny does count. You were kind and courteous, always accessible for me, and even came by to see my new apartment."

Jon Ackerman

"Mike, thanks for the help selling our home and finding another quickly. There was no run-around, you cut to the chase and made everything come together. We got a great price for our house and did even better on the purchase. I appreciate your hard work and professionalism."

Mike and Lori Genz

"Thank you for all your work in selling our home quickly at a good price. Our decision to relocate to Pennsylvania was quick and you worked hard to find the right Buyer. You were right on with the specific marketing plan for our house. Thanks again, Mike, and please use our name as a reference!"