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Why Mike ?
Well, to put it simply, when you choose Mike as your listing agent you're ensuring that your transaction will result in the highest sales price and the smoothest process possible!
mike How Can We Be So Sure? As a Real Estate Broker with JohnHart Real Estate, Mike is supported by his team of licensed real estate agents, transaction coordinators, appointment coordinators, and in-house legal counsel. This support translates directly into results for our clients as everything from pre-listing through closing is handled by experts in each aspect of the transaction. Furthermore with over 26 years of experience in selling everything from Luxury listings to commercial buildings, Mike has the first hand knowledge needed to make sure you come out on top!
Why Sell?
Currently, in Greater Los Angeles, we are experiencing what is known as scarcity in the housing market; and that's great news for sellers! Essentially we are in a market where there are considerably fewer properties available for purchase than there are buyers looking to buy.

make a plan
As with most business operations, you will need to draft a plan. Separate your wants from needs to direct your attention towards the most essential steps. In addition, your plan will need to cover moving costs and where you are planning to move.
It's time for a drive! Start examining other listings in your area through physical inspection and online browsing. Don't hesitate to contact local agents for more information. Be careful, most agents will ask you to sign a contract prior to talking with you. You have the right to refuse.
No two real estate markets are the same. Each area maintains a unique culture which attracts specific kind of buyers. Develop an understanding of your neighborhood's buyers' potential and what marketing areas will attract you more offers.
Share your plan with family members and friends. Deciding to sell your home is a big decision, and as with all big decisions it is one that should be discussed with those you trust. Get various opinions on your plan of attack, and make an educated decision by combining the best advice from those around you.
Will you make a profit? It is very important to consult an experienced realtor when considering a possible sale for many reasons; however above all else an experienced Realtor will be able to give you an accurate estimate of what you will be walking away with after the sale. They will consider closing costs and various hidden fees to ultimtely provide you with an objective look at what you stand to "net" from the transaction.
When shopping, consumers will avoid any stores which look untidy or dirty. Similarly, your property needs to be clean in order to attract potential buyers. Simple touch-ups will help your property look great, while renovations will help your property excel beyond the competition.
Time to bring out the camera! A simple written description is not enough. In our visual times, buyers demand color-rich marketing flyers, websites, and virtual tours, with photos and video showing both exterior and interior of your property. If you enter into a listing agreement, ask your agent to list your property on various websites in addition to traditional multiple listing services.
Give every offer an equal opportunity. A useful measure for a good offer is attached documents. Buyers represented by agents are usually better potential buyers because their agents had already prepared them for offer making. Audit all the required paper work to ensure no legal liability fallout as a result of negligence.
Hiring a qualified licensed real estate agent will shorten your listing period and simplifies the process even further. In addition, real estate agents utilize their knowledge and experience to maximize your potential profit, and help you avoid legal liability at the same time.