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  • Like a snowflake, buying real property and land is unique. There are no two properties that are identical, so working with an expert to find the right property is a must!
  • Real estate transactions are different in size, but not in nature, from other purchases.
  • In dealing with real property, potential buyers need to consider more variables such as potential income growth, term of loan and area (as real property can't be relocated). Also, buying real property carries a longer responsibilities and commitments than most of other types of purchases.
  • For most Americans, buying a real property is going to be the single highest transaction they will be involved in.

benefits for buyers

From social to economic, and even political, benefits of owning real property can't be easily counted. Real property offers an anchorage to family geographic zoning. Owners enjoy the benefits of forming closer connections with their community, through local businesses, schools, worship places and neighbors.



Yes, rent is a waste of money. Rent can't be even claimed in tax returns. In contrast, monthly payments towards mortgage payment plan will expand homeowners' wealth as equity is created. Moreover, buying a real property increases credit rating through regular payment history and location security. Even more, real property buyers can claim interest in their yearly tax returns (consult a tax expert for more details).

On the political level, homeowners exercise more influence on political decision makers. Because most county and state profits are based on real property taxes,
politicians answer demands of property owners before renters (who are usually relocating). For example, when the financial crisis struck the U.S. markets in middle of 2007, the federal government quickly enacted laws to protect property owners. The same issue played a crucial role in 2008 Presidential elections.

In addition to economic and political benefits, real property buyers enjoy better social standings. Because property owners are more constraint to move, they form social networks with their local community. Neighbors invite each other for birthdays and other events. Housewives form local groups to help raise the children of the community. Even in safety, most communities utilize local neighborhood watches to keep crime level at a low level.

Finally, by buying a real property, individuals achieve the American Dream. Thanks to the U.S. government system, ownership rights are at the foundational core of the United States. A sense of accomplishment and satisfaction beholds property owners as they are free to express themselves within the confines of their own castles.

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